Smart Surveillance

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In simpler words, smart surveillance means to monitor maximum areas with the use of minimal cameras and recorders. This gives an exact idea of exactly what is happening at the place. The most common method of keeping an eye is the installation of CCTV cameras with a storage backup of several months. Cameras can be installed at crossroads so that traffic management becomes easier, at hospitals for keeping eye on the patient and other important places. These clusters of cameras are managed by a single place by few individuals.

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We started off as a software development company offering SaaS (Software as a Service) in 2001, back when India was still trying to figure out what software solutions were capable of. Our company is known to provide solutions to problems very few people dare question. Cloud computing is one of the basic necessities now but we were actually the ones to initiate it in India all the back in 2002. Finding answers to basic concepts of survival is the field we strive in, especially the harder looking