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Dec,31, 2021

Singapore post Product introduction Singapore is Singapore government regulation of postal postal license owner, public is a listed company, fully market-oriented operation, can offer high efficiency and high quality of domestic and international postal services. Meanwhile, Singapore airport is the world's largest transit center, with high efficiency and perfect transshipment mechanism, can make goods fast and economical entrepot elsewhere. advantage 1. Service range, can go directly to the global 210 national regions; 2. Discount price low, 3. According to the actual weight billing, regardless of the bubble is heavy, no fuel surcharge and remote areas, 4. Simple declaration files, customs clearance, inspection rate is low, customs clearance speed, 5. Provide online tracking query; 6. Full-time processing of your goods pieces, 7. Value-added services: can undertake insurance; The major countries reference limitation countries Limitation (goods from shenzhen issued counting) Brazil 5-10 doing Canada 3-9 then France Doing 3-6 Germany Doing 3-6 Spain 3-7 then Poland 3-5 then British Doing 3-8 American 3-7 then Prohibit to delivering goods: 1. The state laws and regulations prohibit circulation or delivery of things. 2. The explosive, inflammable, radioactive, corrosive and toxic and other dangerous articles, 3. Reactionary newspapers, books, window or pornographic materials, Various monetary; 4. 5. Detrimental to public health of things. 6. Perishable items; Live animals; 7. 8. Packing amiss might endanger personal safety, pollution or damage to other messages equipment of things. 9. The other is not suitable for postal conditions of objects. Mail compensation standard: 1. Singapore EMS is generally delivery day 3 for customers to access the Internet, timeliness, from the customer delivery guarantee the next day the calculate, if express 7 days in related website not checked, according to company will self-stipulation of Singapore EMS waybill value declared amount for customers' losses. 2. Singapore EMS mail in delivering process for the customer error to occur by loss, damage or delay shortage, compensation, the post office. Express damage or loss, the post office at the declared value compensation, highest do not exceed 750 yuan. But for indirect losses and unrealized interests are not assume liability to pay compensation. Belong to the following circumstances, the post office does not assume liability to pay compensation: One, a force majeure cause (registered mail except). Second, delivering mail items or limited violation of forbidden to send, the provisions of the competent authority in accordance with the relevant regulations confiscation or processing. Third, cast into the mail encapsulation intact, when no dismantle move, and the recipient traces already signed according to regulations, afterwards the recipient found formalities within short pieces, damaged or destroyed.

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