Alcohol Distilling Tower

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Dec,31, 2023

JS Series Alcohol Distilling Tower/Continuous Alcohol Distiller Use: This equipment is suitable for organic solvent recycling and depuration of alcohol, methyl alcohol, acetone and so on. Feature: 1. This equipment divides into intermission and continuous type. It is consist of distilling kettle, distilling tower body, condenser, buffer tank, flowmeter and so on. 2. Continuous type with a pre-heater can be carried out continuous production line with high-volume production needs. 3. For hospital, scientific research unit, we have designed small-scale distiller, for small dose of production and experimentation. 4.It can distill the weak alcohol which purity is lower than 30% purify to 90-95% and the surplus residue alcohol purity ≤3%. 5.It can be equipped with PLC control system and control the parameter of temperature, flux, purity to enhance the production efficiency automatically

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