Beta Vulgaris extract([email protected])

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Dec,31, 2020

(Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com) Tel:0086-452-6166167 Fax:0086-452-6166200 our email box is Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com Email: [email protected] Web: Active compound: Beet Red,specification:85 color Value. Natural pigment ,food additive. Producing area :This plant only grows in DaXingAnLing . It can be used for making medicine and health supplement. Package type: Vacuum plastic bags,2.5kg/bags,10kg/carton,20kg/carton, 25kg/carton Furthermore we have other plant extract for your reference. ([email protected]) Agrostemma githago extract Cerastium arvense extract Cucubalus baccifer extract Dianthus chinensis extract Lychnis fulgens extract Melandrium firmum extract Sagina japonica extract Silene repens part extract Stellaria media extract Nymphaea tetragona extract Nuphar Pumilum extract Aconitum ambiguum extract Anemone dichotoma extract Anemone rivularis extract Caltha membranacea extract Clematia aethusifolia exteact Delphinium grandiflorum extract Leptopyrum fumarilodes extract Pulsatilla ambigua extract Ranunculus japonicus extract Ranunculus sceleratus extract Thalictrum aquilegifolium extract Berberis poiretii extract Menispermum dauricum extract Arabis pendula extract Sinapis alba extract Brassica juncea extract Brassica caulorapa extract Capsella bursa-pastoris extract

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