Portable Medical 25L Suction Machine with Double Anti-Overflow Proection System

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Oct,10, 2020

AVERLAST 25 can be equipped with a rechargeable battery (accumulator) and this battery is optional. Integrated microprocessor-based technology assures safe charging of the battery; overcharging is thus impossible. An over temperature stop controlled by electronics avoids overheating of the unit. A disposable bacterial filter plate integrated in the lid of the collection jar prevents bacteria and liquid from penetrating into the pump.

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AngelBiss Medical Technology Co., Ltd establish her first production facility in Shanghai since 2004, mainly engage in development and manufacturing of healthcare level respiratory therapy concentrators, surgical therapy units, sleep apnea therapy CPAP and air compressors. Base upon her own reliable R&D capacity, AngelBiss has provided many quality pricing medical products to Chinese customers. AngelBiss, the brand can be sourced from end of last century. The critical technologies was brough