SA1000 Series Spectrum Analyzer (1G)

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Dec,31, 2023

Frequency Range: 9kHz~1GHz Resolution bandwidth:10Hz~3MHz(From 1 to 10 consecutive stepping) Phase noise-82dBc/Hz(Offset 10kHz) With trace generator With preamplifier Multiple communication interfaces USB、LAN、VGA、RS232 Compact structure, the weight is only 4Kgs(without battery) The appearance of rich colors, with more dynamic The industry's new Mini models 3. Design features: 1) Mini models, high brightness screen, suitable for field measurement. Using the advanced integrated technology, The whole body of only 330*163*165(mm), mini pocket, easy to carry. The use of high brightness TFT-LCD screen, with high display brightness, high contrast, suitable for field operation, it is convenient to observe. 2) Extremely low frequency test: Can carry on the accurate measurement and analysis of 9kHz frequency; To meet the users' demand for low frequency measurement. 3) With color interface, concise and more dynamic, within modern electrical test systems. SA1010’s operation interface, breaks through the heavy design of the traditional spectrum analyzer, adopts a new color series, simple layout, with more personalizes, let the test becomes relaxed and comfortable. 4) Varied test function: Automatic test(AUTO):Provides a type of automatic tuning function will make the largest signal in the center of the screen, can help the user quickly locking the measurement signal; Occupied bandwidth(OBW):Occupied bandwidth measurement integrates the spectrum display capability and the capability of a pair of vertical lines defines the frequency of those sense signals. Channel Power: Channel power measurement user specified the power within the channel bandwidth and the power spectral density. Adjacent channel power ratio(ACPR):The wireless service providers need to limit the adjacent channel interference caused by the power leakage to a minimum, Adjacent channel power ratio measurement can help to check signal spectrum, and the identification and control of noise source. Chromatogram: Chromatographic analyses the stability of the signal according to the time, highlight the areas of concern and in-depth analyses the changes of frequency and amplitude of the spectrum. 5) Diverse connectivity, convenient to upgrade, easy to integrate. SA2010 have networking capabilities with PC, printer and software program. Using the USB, LAN, RS232 and other interfaces can realize remote control, the use of offered standard complete SCPI command set, can rapid construction and upgrading the integrated test system. The GA interface is convenient for teaching demonstration of measurement. 4. Technical specifications: Given specifications applies to the following conditions: 30 minutes in the preheated, at the same time, the instrument is in the calibration period and perform a self calibration before.

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