humidity controller JRACH606A

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Dec,31, 2023

Intelligent Humidity controller for the household or industry humidifier & dehumidifier The product is used for control humidity of the humidifier or dehumidifier, with the characteristics of small size, high accuracy, stable, reliable performance, convenient and best price. And also can memory records. Operating Voltage ,Load current can be decided on all kinds demand plug your humidifier or dehumidifier on humidity controller then can work Application: Orchid, mushroom, greenhouse indoor farm; bird swallow pet; family ,hotel, office, library, laboratory and so on. Technique parameter£º 1£ºOperating Voltage£ºAC220V/50Hz ¡À10%£¬AC110V/60Hz ¡À10%£¬DC12V ¡À10% are choice£¨be narrated when order£© 2£ºconsume power ;<3VA 3£ºLoad current£º2A personal type£¬5A£¨max 10A resistance load£©industry type 4£ºRelay contact dot¡¯s max current£º10A/220VAC£¨resistance load£© 5£ºenactment range:30%RH---90%RH 6£ºprecision£º¡À5% 7£ºoperating range£º 0¡«50¡æ 8£ºoperating range£º <95%RH£¨non dew£© 9£ºstorage range£º 0¡«70¡æ 10: storage range£º <95%RH£¨non dew£© 11£ºDimension: 165*72*60mm detail pls read the web Intelligent humidity monitor for humidifier and dehumidifier, with the characteristics of small size 165*72*60mm, high accuracy, stable and reliable performance, convenient Plug your humidifier and dehumidifier into the humidity controller and it will regulate the units output to your preset level. Cheap price. And it alsocan memory records. All the set parameters will be permanently preserved in the controller, need not set every switching on. Application: Orchid, mushroom, greenhouse indoor farm; Bird swallow pet; Family, hotel, office, library, laboratory and so on. Technique parameter: 1. Operating Voltage: AC220V/50Hz +-10%, AC110V/60Hz +-10%, DC12V +-10% are choice(be narrated when order) 2. Consume power: <3VA 3. Load current: 2A, 5A(max 10A resistance load) 4. Relay contact DOT max current: 10A/220VAC(resistance load) 5. Set range: 30%RH---90%RH 6. Precision: ± 5% 7. Operating range: 0-50 8. Operating range: <95%RH(non dew) 9. Storage range: 0-70 10. Storage range: <95%RH(non dew) 11. Dimension: 165*72*60mm

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