humidity and temperatue sensor module MHTC1A

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Dec,31, 2023

1. General MHTC1A humidity and temperature sensor module is designed base capacitive humiture sensor by Ningbo Junrong Electron. This product utilizes humidity sensor capacitor and temperature sensor (LM35, America), with characteristics of stable, high accuracy, quick response, good crossing-over and it also use craftwork of SMD, and so own extremely small body, stable and reliably performance. The quality guarantee time is 12 months. 2. Application Electron, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, warehouses, tobacco, textile, weather, libraries and museum. 3. Shape Model encapsulation shape MHTC1A humidity and temperature sensor module without shell detail to the picture 4. Model There are three models according to with or without Temperature and humidity sensor. MHC1A humidity measuring module, without temperature element MHTC1A1 temperature and humidity measuring module, with NTC resistance MHTC1A2 temperature and humidity measuring module, with LM35 temperature sensor 5. Specification (1) Power supply (vin) DC 5V¡À5% (2) Electrical current 2MA (max 5mA) (3) Temperature operating range 0 ~ 70¡æ (4) Humidity operating range 0 ~ 100%RH (dew point) (5) Humidity measuring range 2 ~ 99%RH (6) Temperature storing range -20 ~ 85¡æ (7) Humidity storing range under 95%RH (no dew point) (8) Humidity measuring Accuracy MHTC1A ¡À3%RH ( at 25¡æ, 60%RH ) (10) Temperature testing feature MHTC1A2 ¡À1¡æ (LM35 integrated temperature sensor) MHTC1A1 ¡À1% 10K 3950 resistance (11) Temperature dependence (reference) ¡À2%RH (5.00V DC, 0¨C100%RH, at 25¡æ, 0-50¡æ) (12) Voltage dependence (reference) under ¡À3%RH (13)measure:21.6*33.5*10mm the detail pls read the web

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