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Dec,31, 2021

Our factory produce infrared absorbent and color corrected filters for medical and surgical lighting application purposes. The infrared absorbent glass compounded SiO2, Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, Cu2O, CuO, CdO, Au, CO2O3, Ni2O3, MnO2, AgCl/AgBr, etc. formed most types of cylindrical, semi-cylindrical and disk types heat absorbent glass filters. Start from 900nm of wave length, 85% of IR ray can be absorbed. The filters eliminate most IR ray / heat which generated by the tungsten halogen light sources. The filters will help to hamper bacteria growth under a warm environment which created by normal lighting. The item be used for medical & surgical apparatus widely. Details please contact us at

Company Profile

We are a Hong Kong established trading company since 1995. Mainly we supply costumes & badges for carnival festivals, android tablet PC, Borosilicate glass reflectors, IR absorbent filters, dichroic color corrected filters for surgical illumination and lighting decoration, LED lighting. Additionally, we supply photographic filters, tungsten halogen lamps, electrical accessories & electronic gadgets, etc. As our company is located at the gateway to China, we have time-honored relations with factories in mainland. Moreover, we have service act as an indenting agent to help our clients search for particular items in mainland of China. Details please contact us at