Fingerprint Reader

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1.Proximity (2000 cards) and fingerprint (9600 templates) verification. 2.Chip-based sensor for livescan capturing of 3D fingerprint minutiae. 3.High accuracy and speed of Fingerprint identification. 4.High speed digital conversion and classification. (1:N) 5.High protection of scratch and ESD. (Electro Static Discharge) 6.Compact design and elegant faceplate. 7.Distinguishable audiovisual indication of tri-color LED and multi-tone beeper which can also be controlled individually by the host system. 8.Tamper switch built-in for vandal resistance. 9.Self-test on reader power-up to verify the setup configuration and initialize reader operation. 10.Stand alone (Add/Del. Fingerprint enrolment via master card) or compatible with SYRIS NT series controller.

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