Sell Equipment Detergent (Safe And high Efficient)

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18000
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Dec,31, 2024

SE-50A is a kind of sprayer for precision mechanical and electronic equipment, can be used to clean mechanical and electronic equipment. The equipment can be cleaned directly in the work-site without disassembling them. If necessary, can clean the equipment with low voltage when the equipment is running. Feature Odor: solvent odor Intensity of Withstand Voltage: above 25KV/2.5mm Flammability: non-flammable under formal temperature Use Property 1. Good Electroinsulating Property: It can be used for cleaning low-pressure mechanic and electronic equipment that cannot turn off. 2. Good Degreasing Capacity: It will remove grease, dust and moisture that lead to an abort easily from mechanical and electronic equipment. It will also work for the place that hand cannot reach. 3. No Residue After Dried-Up: This is a precise solvent-type detergent that will volatilize and cleanse thoroughly and left no residue on the surface of product after dried-up. 4. Safe and No Corrosion: No corrosion to metals, paints, insulation materials, oil resistant rubber, etc. Usage Widely applied to clean generator, motor, transformer equipment, electrical appliance controller, electric welder and power station, transformer station and the industry of petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, machinery, mining, etc. Executive Standard: Q/SDOK.J.01-001-2001 Package: Packed in the sprayers, net weight 400g, 12 sprayers/carton. Please Contact us into sanda477 at directly. Tks.

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