LYZYC offer ceramic ball bearing,718 series

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718 series
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Dec,31, 2020

71801C 71801AC 71802C 71802AC 71803C 71803AC 71804C 71804AC 71805C 71805AC 71806C 71806AC 71807C 71807AC 71808C 71808AC 71809C 71809AC 71810C 71810AC 71811C 71811AC 71812C 71812AC 71813C 71813AC 71814C 71814AC 71815C 71815AC 71816C 71816AC 71817C 71817AC 71818C 71818AC 71819C 71819AC 71820C 71820AC 71821C 71821AC 71822C 71822AC 71823C 71923AC 71824C 71824AC 71825C 71825AC 71826C 71826AC 71827 71827AC 71828C 71828AC 71830C 71830AC 71832C 71832AC 71834C 71834AC 71836C 71836AC 71838C 71838AC 71840C 71840AC 71842C 71842AC 71844C 71844AC 71846C 71846AC 71848C 71848AC 71852C 71852C 71856C 71856AC 71860C 71860AC 71864C 71864AC 71868C 71868AC 71872C 71872AC 71876C 71876AC 71880C 71880AC 71884C 71884AC 71888C 7188AC 71892C 71892AC 71896C 71896AC 718/500C the ball can be ceramic

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