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ZYD Transformer Oil Purifier System: ZYD high vacuum oil purifiers are designed for use in treating electrical insulating oil in the oil-filled electrical equipment.Through the dehydrator, degasification, filtration processes, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, contamination can be completely removed. ZYD vacuum oil purifier is widely used in factory workshops,power transmission and generation station. Utilizing ZYD high vacuum oil purifier, the quality of insulating oil can be upgraded and the deteriorated oil can be reclaimed that could extent the life of insulating oil and ensure safety operation of oil-filled electrical equipment treatment. Feature: 1) Advanced dehydrating and degassing system that uses large area three-dimensional flash distillation technique to remove harmful composition in the oil such as water, air and gas. 2) It can be widely used for oil filling for transformers and circuit breakers under vacuum condition. 3) Precise filtration system,high-quality filter element,multi-stage filtration with gradual precision can help to remove mechanical impurities in the oil. 4) An advanced fully automatic temperature controlling system,liquid-level controlling system,defoaming controlling system,pressure protecting system and excellent configuration can ensure operation of the equipment with high performance. 5) Online work,allowing separated operation of manual operators from machine with lamps indicating the condition for operation. 6) It is humanization design with low noise,deep purification and long time free maintenance to save cost from the running process. 7) Purifiers are equipped with a chain safety protective system,an interlocking of oil drainage system,vacuum system and heating system,which avoids any possible negative impacts caused by mal-operation. If you are interested or want to know more,please contact:Kris A G-talk ID:aijiezn Skype:aijie_a_j Yahoo Messenger:oilpurifier.kris Tel:0086-2368829592 Fax:0086-2386197078 Mobile:0086-15223801122

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