Kaplan type turbine for hydro power generator

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Dec,31, 2020

They operate in a head range of 2 meters to 30 meters and are primarily used for electrical power production. The power output ranges from 35KW to 8700KW, Runner diameters are between 0.8 and 3.3 meters. The max efficiency is up 89%. * It has large overflowing, good flow characteristic and high efficiency etc. merits. * The runners are fixed or can adjust manual the efficient turbine of this kind can produce a large quantity of water flow which passes unimpeded. * All are horizontal type, the water enter into the turbine along the axial direction. * Compared with vertical axle flowing type units, the factory building is little in excavating amount, and hydropower station water conservancy project investment can save 10%- 20%, equipment investment saves 5%- 10%. The turbine is powered by water flowing through the wicket gate. This gate can be controlled to determine the rate of flow through the turbine and therefore the amount of power generated. The turbine is attached by a shaft to an electric generator.

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