SYD-255G Distillation Equipment

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Technical characteristics and performance: 1. Adopt quartz glass tubes to enclose heating wire, there is no flame, so it is safe and with long useful life. 2. You can rotate knob to adjust the position of distillation flask. 3. The heating power of electric furnace can be continuously adjusted using the knob on the control panel. Technical parameter 1. Power supply: AC 220V¡À10%, 50Hz; 2. Heating power of electric furnace: 1000 W; 3. Movable plate for electric furnace: made of SiC plate and their hole diameters are ¦Õ38 and ¦Õ50 respectively. 4. Distillation flask: Made of harden glass; Outer diameter of ball of flask is ¦Õ65; 5. Refrigeration tube: made of copper tube of ¦Õ14; its outlet is in circular form. Its length is 560 mm; 6. Graduated flask: 100 ml; scale division is 1 ml

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