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Dec,31, 2023

1. Mature and classical design, stable and reliable quality resulted from delicate engineering and manufacturing; 2. The standard option has 18 directly wired charging connectors and can be extended to 30. GSM, CDMA and 3G cell phones and PHS, digital cameras, MP3 and MP4 can all be supported for urgent battery charging(installer can select options). 3. Charging connectors are hidden inside to exhibit a neat and elegant style. 4. Each of the 18 connectors has its own LED indicator light; 5. A LED or LCD panel displays the charging status and related information; (optional) 6. Both sides are decorated by curly aerodynamic plates. 7. A variety of placement fixtures for choosing: wall-mounted, desktop, floor standing. They are space-saving and flexible (optional) . 8. Fully voice prompted instructions (optional). 9. There are models for free charge, coin operated (upon installer's option). Equipment 1. Model: DK09 series 2. Charging configuration: 18 charging connectors, extensible to 30. 3. Color: sony gray ,silver, orange. 4. Frame: all-metal high-grade polished surface, aerodynamic decorative plates 5. Control circuit and power supply: high-performance industrial grade components with plenty of safety room and supporting anti-interference 6. Payment options: free, automatic coin slot. 7. More options can be added after initial installation, simple and easy maintenance. 8. Operation temperature: -20 ¡æ ~ +60 ¡æ 9. Humidity: 40% ~ 80% 10. Weight: 14 KG 11. Volume: 650 x 456 x 180mm 12. Power voltage :110 - 240V 50HZ/60Hz

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