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Dec,31, 2023

(Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com) Tel:0086-452-6166167 Fax:0086-452-6166200 our email box is Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com Email: Jesslie@ Web: Extraction plants: wild Gehua bud, wild Trifolium pratense. Effective components: India Dalbergia glycosides. [Molecular formula] C22H23O11; [molecular] 463.43 Effectiveness: Chemical Prevention in the United States for clinical tumor development plans, the main goal is the prevention of prostate cancer and breast cancer. With cholesterol-lowering, anti-cancer hypolipidemic, a bi-directional regulatory . Furthermore we have other plant extract for your reference. ( Solanum melongena extract Solanum tuberosum extract Platycodon grandiflorum extract Arctium lappa extract Calendula officinalis extract Carthamus tinctorius extract Inula helenium extract Rhaponticum uniflorum extract Taraxacum mongolicum extract Alisma orientale Extract Avena sativa Extract Allium cepa extract Aloe vera extract Smilacina dahurica extract Veratrum nigrum extract Belamcanda chinensis extract Helianthus tuberosus extract Boschniakia rossica extract Plantago asiatica extract Rubia chinensis extract Valeriana alternifolia extract Rumex crispus extract Agriophyllum squarrosum extract Chenopodium album extract Kochia scoparia extract Salsola collina pall extract Amaranthus caudatus extract Amaranthus tricolor extract Amaranthus retroflexus extract Rhaponticum Carthamoides extract Sodium copper chlorophyllin

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