slewing ring bearing and slewing drive and worm gear

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Dec,31, 2024

Dear! We are professional manufacturer of SLEWING RING BEARING and SLEWING DRIVE. if you have any inquiry, Please contact me in time, thank you! Product Name: Slewing ring bearing / Crossed roller slewing ring / Slewing drive / solar energy tracking system Product Series: 1- VE, VI, VU, VLA, VLI, VLU, RKS (Single-row slewing bearing with flange rings), 2- SE, SI, SU, VSA, VSI, VSU, RKS (Sinle-row or Double-row slewing bearing), 3- TE, TI, TU (Double-row Roller/Ball Combination slewing bearing), 4- RE, RI, RU (Triple row roller slewing bearing). 5- XE, XI, XU, XSA, XSI, XSU, MTO, MTE (Single-row Crossed roller slewing bearing) 6- RE, RU, RA, RB, RC, NRXT (Crossed roller slewing rings) 7- JE, JO, SE, S, WD (JINB Slewing drive) Size Range: JINB Expert in special Slewing Rings from 100mm to 5500mm diameter Slewing ring Material: 50mn, 42CrMo, 42CrMoV4, GCr15 Application: Solar tracking system, Excavator, Tower crane, Lift, Port crane, Wind energy, Tank, Radar, Mining, Ocean shipping, Water treatment, Transport cart, Robot Major Manufacturers: INA, IMO, JINB, SKF, TG, PSL, LYC, KAYDON, ZWZ etc...... JINB other bearing models: XU.6.14.0414, XU.6.14.0544, RKS.160.14.0414, RKS.160.14.0544, RKS.160.14.0644, RKS.160.14.0744 XU.6.14.0644, XSU 14 0414, XSU 14 0544, XSU 14 0644, XI.6.14.0414 G1, XI.6.14.0544 G1, RKS.160.14.0844 RKS.160.14.0944, RKS.160.14.1094, XI.6.14.0644 G1, XSI 14 0414 N, XSI 14 0544 N, XE.6.14.0414 G1 RKS.161.14.0414, RKS.161.14.0544, RKS.161.14.0644, RKS.161.14.0744, RKS.161.14.0844, RKS.161.14.0944, XE.6.14.0544 G1, XE.6.14.0644 G1, XSA 14 0414 N, RKS.160.16.1314, RKS.160.16.1424 RKS.160.16.1534, RKS.160.16.1644, RKS.160.16.1754, RKS.160.20.1904, XSA 14 0544 N, RKS.160.16.1204 XSA 14 0644 N, RKS.161.14.1094, RKS.161.16.1204, RKS.161.16.1314, RKS.161.16.1424, RKS.161.16.1534 RKS.161.16.1644, RKS.161.16.1754, RKS.161.20.1904, XSA 14 0744 N, XSA 14 0844 N, XSA 14 0944 N XSA 14 1094 N, XE.6.14.0744 G1, XE.6.14.0844 G1, XE.6.14.0944 G1, XE.6.14.1094 G1, XSI 14 0644 N, XSI 14 0744 N, XSI 14 0844 N, XSI 14 0944 N, XSI 14 1094 N, XI.6.14.0744 G1, XI.6.14.0844 G1, RKS.162.14.0414 RKS.162.14.0544, RKS.162.14.0644, RKS.162.14.0744, RKS.162.14.0844, XI.6.14.0944 G1, XI.6.14.1094 G1 XSU 14 0744, XSU 14 0844, RKS.162.16.1204, RKS.162.16.1314, RKS.162.16.1424, XSU 14 0944 XSU 14 1094, XU.6.14.0744, XU.6.14.0844, RKS.162.14.0944, RKS.162.14.1094, RKS.162.16.1534 RKS.162.16.1644, RKS.162.16.1754, RKS.162.20.1904, XU.6.14.0944, XU.6.14.1094

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