Industrial Control Pressure Switches and Sensors

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Dec,31, 2023

Specification of 2CP5 series pressure sensor (0.5~4.5Vsignal output) Pressure range¡G 0-15psig ~ 0-650psig Performance¡G ¡´ Precision: ¡Ó 1.2% span (linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, and calibration). ¡´ Temperature deviation¡G¡Ó0.013%/¢XC ¡´ Operating temperature¡G-40¢XC to 135¢XC Physical properties¡G ¡´ Pressure resistance¡G5X15-75psi¡F3X100-300psi¡F2X500+psi¡C ¡´ Burst pressure¡G2CP5 1500 psi (brass)¡F2CP50 2500 psi (plated steel)¡C ¡´ Random vibration¡G (50-2000 Hz)¡G11g¡C ¡´ Cycle life¡G10M F.S cycle¡C ¡´ Fall (in either axis)¡G1.5m¡C ¡´ Electrical connection¡GNema 4X, IP65¡C Electrical characteristics¡G ¡´ Power voltage¡G4.5 to 5.5 VDC¡C ¡´ Power current (Max@5.5Vdc no load)¡G8 mA max¡C ¡´ Output load: 10K ohms typical. ¡´ Overvoltage protection¡G16 VDC¡C ¡´ Short-circuit protection¡GYes¡C ¡´ EMC (10MHZ-512MHz)¡G50 V/m ¡´ The output voltage (Vout): 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc t typical. ¡´ Output current (maximum decrease or source)¡G2.5 mA¡C ¡´ Output response time¡G10 mS¡C ¡´ Reverse voltage¡G14 VDC¡C ¡´ EMC (512MHz-1GHz)¡G25 V/m¡C ¡´ ESD (CDF-AEC-Q100-002)¡G15k V¡C

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Avertronics INC. was established in 1986; and it is the contract manufacturing for wire-harness and also being active in developing wireless control and lighting control system products.