Laser spot Welder W30

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Dec,31, 2020

Laser spot welder is mainly used in hole-filling of gold and silver ornaments, abscess spot welding, joint repair and welding of bezel setting, with the advantages such as: small heat-affected zone in welding, adjustable size of weld spot; fine, smooth and pretty welding spot without post-welding processing; accurate positioning without damaging the surrounding inlaid jewelry; • Laser:YAG • Wave length:1064nm • Max. output laser power:30W • Max. pulse energy:30J/6ms(Opt. 60J/12ms) • Pulse width:0.5-10ms • Waveform quantity:50 groups • Positioning method:MOTIC microscope • Cooling method:Build-in air cooling • Electrical source requirement:220V±5% / 50Hz(60Hz) / 20A • Power consumption:2.5kW • Optical system weight:60kg • Optical system dimension:650mm×550mm×540mm • Laser Machine Manufacturer:Han's Laser

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