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Dec,31, 2021

PRIVATE PLACEMENT INVESTMENTS (BANK INSTRUMENTS: CASH USD-€ & COLLATERALS-ASSETS ) FOR USA and EUROPEAN BANKS: FUNDS/COLLATERALS/ASSETS MUST BE DEPOSITED (OR RECONFIRMED BY CORRESPONDENT BANK) ON A TOP 25/50/ USA or WESTERN EUROPEAN BANKS. 1.- FROM MINIMUM USD 1M.- CASH, CD UNTIL NO-LIMIT. 2.- COLLATERALS/ASSETS FROM MINIMUM 100 M, TO BE ACCEPTED: BANK SKR, MTN’S, BANK GUARANTEES, LINES OF CREDIT, GOLD CERTIFICATES, LOAN TO VALUE VARIES, DEPENDING ON ASSET. Good original copy of Bank Instruments, Ownership Certificate, Client Information Sheet, color copy of Principal Passport will be request at first step. The Bank will not accept Mandataries Signatures. All this documents, must be no older than 5 days. Rest necessary Paperwork-Entry Forms, after POF will be delivery. Due diligences: 10/15 days Transaction begin two (2) days after due diligences finish. Return Minimum: will be confirmed after satisfactory verification of the instruments, assets/funds, by our TRADING BANK. THE CASH/ASSETS/COLLATERALS, ARE ALLWAYS UNDER FULL CONTROL OF THE PRINCIPAL INVESTOR. NON-NEGOTIABLE CONDITION ON ALL CASES “SWIFT CONFIRMATION MT760 WILL BE REQUESTED” Our group have 16 years of successfully experience on this particular business. Note: Please don’t send scams, we are obligate to inform Interpol about every application that we receive. We please you do not waste our time. OUR POSITION: PRINCIPALS. We close all the deals in personal meeting (Table top) in Zürich- Switzerland. Our group have 16 years of successfully experience on this particular business. Note: We have also available small transactions for small amounts. (Up USD/EURO 250,000.00/1M)

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