a new hightech warming winterjackets

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Dec,31, 2023

Now I will show you the details about the jackets 1,heating gears are divided into high and low three grades, can freely adjust the desired gear position; 2, District three ( left chest, right chest, back) is heated by the touch switch to control the heating area, sufficient body needed; 3, Power supply for 12 volt lithium battery ( maximum working voltage of 12.6V, the internal battery current safety protection design ); battery charging time is 90 minutes, after the battery is full, and low heat for 10 hours or more sustainable. 4, Clothes capable of preventing the snow surface, windproof, waterproof, breathable; clothes dirty, can be directly washing ( washing machine and hand washing clothes can be, interior do waterproof processing). 5, Heating system for the carbon fiber material, working without any radiation 6, Heating system adopts three layers of suspended structure, heating mode is divided into surface heating and infrared deep heat two ways; the ordinary heating clothes environment at proper temperature condition, infrared heating through the skin on the body surface stereo heating, feel more comfortable, heating infrared rays emitted by a system focused on the life of infrared 8-10nm range, is good for the body. The heating temperature can be from 37 to 50 DEG C, when the temperature in the heated to 37 DEG C after the normal temperature of the human body, can be converted to the insulation system of intelligent. 7, for elastic fabrics (4 ways stretch), the substrate material for the polyester pongee ( Polyester pongee ). 8, The product of supporting 12 volt lithium battery and a 1 battery charger. 9, This product through PSE, CE, FC and other certification, and has been exported to many countries. 10, The product of normal use (of a non-human damage ) is guaranteed for 1 years

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