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induction furnace, induction melting furnace, melting furnace, electric furnace, medium frequency induction furnace Product Description: Induction furnace is composed with several components including frequency converter, furnace body and furnace control system. Three-phase SCR power supply is alternating current through the rectifier circuit frequency change to the DC, through the inverter circuit output to a single phase AC and supply to frequency coreless medium frequency induction furnace, and then use electromagnetic induction principle to put work piece to the alternating magnetic field to generate eddy which then match the requirement in melting, quenching and etc. Induction Furnace Features: 1. Central control circuit board is designed by computer optimization with optimized circuit unit, stable performance in installation, reliable quality and strong anti-jamming. 2. Components are coordinated with a reasonable layout, and convenient to be maintained; 3. Start at zero pressure added on the basis of repeat-start automation function, voltage and current loop circuit in close tracking. The equipment can start and stop smoothly and stably without current impact. 4. The starting signal of the Inverter uses a single signal sensitive trigger circuit to further increase the device's start-up performance, which makes the equipment start up at a successful rate of 100%. 5. Constant power circuit control system, in production with the rapid changes in charging current and voltage regulation in the best setting automatically; without manual adjustment of Inverter cut-off angle. 6. A perfect over-voltage, over current, voltage shortages, water shortages, default phase and pressure limit protection system, thereby ensuring the use of equipment reliability and stability; 7. Highly integrated circuit program, commissioning and operation is fast, simple and easy to learn. Advantages of induction melting furnace: 1. Fast heating speed, less pollution. The heating principle of induction furnace is electromagnetic induction and the heating temperature is generated due to the workpiece itself, the heating speed of this heating method is very fast, which also has very little oxidation, high heating efficiency and process reproducibility, and the metal surface has little mild bleaching, a slight polishing can restore the brightness of the surface, this effectively acquire constant material properties 2. High degree of automation enables automatic unattended operation, increased labor productivity. 3. Uniform heating, high precision in temperature control. Heat evenly, ensuring temperature difference between the surface of the workpiece and its core, by the temperature control system can precisely control the temperature to ensure product repeatability.

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Xi¡¯an Abundance Electric Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xi¡¯an, which is the research base of electric furnace industry and the national supervision and inspection center of electric furnaces in China. With the development of 15 years, it has become a leading manufacturer in China¡¯s electric furnace industry, and it is advanced in R&D, manufacture, installation, debugging and technical services. There are our agents and after-sale services in South Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, Mexico and Ukraine. Hundreds of sets of our electric furnaces are working safely now all over the world. 90% of our products are exported to more than 50 regions and countries worldwide, and our achievements in furnace exportation ranked in the forefront for three consecutive years among furnace industry.