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ENT (Tech.grade)
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10 days
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Packing: 25kg bag or 50kg drum
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Dec,31, 2023

Scientific Name: TARTAR EMETIC Molecular Formula: C8H4K2O12Sb2 ¡¤3H2O OR C4H4KO7Sb ¡¤1/2H2O Structural Formula: Product Poctures: Molecular Weigh: 667.87 OR 333.94 CAS Number: 16039-64-8 Character: Colorless crystals or white crystal powder , lose luster decomposed in air,with light-sweet and metal taste.Specific gravity is 2.607,lose crystal water at 100¡ãC.Soluable in water or glycerin,insoluable in ethanol, the aqueous solution assumes minute acidity. Uses: As analytical reagent (determining Pb, Na, Ge, etc.), mordant for fabric and leather,fixing agent for basic dyes and nylon acid dyes; alse used for making pesticide and snailfever-resistant drugs.Besides,served as additive in electroplate industry Packing: 25kg bag or 50kg drum Specifications: ENT (Tech.grade)

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