AAK Hydraulic valve service life longer than 90% more of the peers

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Dec,31, 2023

Hydraulic valve service life longer than 90% more of the peers, the American customer decided to place order with AAK after comparison The high-pressure throttle hydraulic valve produced by AAK, the service life can be longer than 90% more of its peers, the key is that we have our own quenching and tempering heat treatment process, through the quenching with different tempering temperature, can raise the strength and toughness of hydraulic valve, as well as the fatigue strength greatly, to avoid deformation and abrasion happened in the process of hydraulic valve being used in the long-term. Currently, less than 10% of the industry can match the service life of AAK hydraulic valves. In order to save costs, 70% of manufacturers do not do any heat treatment to the hydraulic parts materials, some of them do heat treatment, but outside of the factory, and 20% of the factories do heat treatment at a different place each time, due to these reasons, the quality can not be guaranteed, let alone the stability. Due to the existence of these common problems in the industry, after being used for a period of time, the hydraulic valve will expose lots of problems, such as deformation, abrasion and so on. Once the deformation of the hydraulic valve, the valve blocking will be more serious, and the abrasion will lead to increased leakage, which greatly shorten the service life of the hydraulic valve. Last month, Jone, the purchasing director of the American customer in China, came to me and complained during the chat that since 2019, for unknown reason, his customers have been complaining one after another, and the problems are surprisingly consistent, the hydraulic valve has been deformed and worn out quickly in less than three months after being used. I told him directly that the heat treatment of the material was the problem. 70% of manufacturers do not do any heat treatment to the hydraulic parts materials. Even if the heat treatment is done, 20% of the factory's heat treatment is done outside at different places each time. Thus, the quality cannot be guaranteed, let alone the stability. I sent him several samples, and told him that the hardness of our material must be higher than what he purchased, which can reach 40-45HRC or higher. It is mainly produced depending on the customer's use scenario, to ensure the service life of the hydraulic valve. Jone seems to understand the seriousness of the problem and reports directly to the boss about the current state of the industry in China. Just this month, we got their trial order. To do well in heat treatment, AAK controls a heat treatment factory which has been in the industry for over 10 years. Due to the temperature sensitivity of the quenching and tempering heat treatment of the hydraulic valve material, if the temperature is too low, the hardness is not enough and the hydraulic valve will be easy to deformation, otherwise it will lead to fracture. Only our own heat treatment process, under the operation of experienced masters, can accurately grasp the appropriate temperature. AAK can also select the corresponding heat treatment process and set the temperature range according to the different working conditions of the hydraulic valve, to ensure the service life of the hydraulic valve. With service life longer than over 90% peers, AAK hydraulic valve is waiting for your trial order.

Company Profile

Focused on the Development and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Valves since 2006, in Ningbo China Since its establishment 12 years ago, 6 first-line international brand importers have placed orders with AAK for 5 consecutive years, with a re-peat order rate of 62%. Exported to more than 20 countries, AAK Hydraulic Valves used on "AIRCRAFT" have been supplied to Russian customers. 68%+ of the high precision hydraulic valves exported from Ningbo Port come from AAK hydraulic valves.