Super Capacitor with Large Capacitance

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GHC Electronic Co. Ltd, China
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2011to December,2012
carton , customized packing
Dec,31, 2018

(1) Voltage: 2.7V (2) Capacitance: 650~10000F (3) E.S.R.: 0.45~20ohm (4) Size: customized Our main products are electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor placement, energy storage capacitors, capacitor module, and so on, mainly used in frequency conversion air-conditioning and so on, UPS power supply, communication, power, General inverter, high-voltage inverter, car electronics, home appliances, electric welding machine , Beauty equipment, medical equipment, hybrid systems, elevators, inverter welding machine, the locomotive power and other industrial facilities in the area. Most of them were customers Wan Panasonic, BYD, the United States, Emerson, ABB, Golden Dragon Bus, truck south of the times, the new Austrian energy.Welcome to us!

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