High Efficiency Hammer Crusher

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Dec,31, 2020

Hammer crusher application, Our hammer crusher is mainly applied to stone crusher for construction materials, like road construction, railway and house building and other industries who will use the small stone materials. It is especially suitable to crush limestone, the stone hardness less than 200Mpa and the stone contained more calcium, more or less than 40%.It is designed making use of the inertia of the hammer produced by the motor, to knock the stone into small ones, and it has an impact plate in the back of the crushing cavum to better the materials both in shape and function and make them smaller ones. Hammer crusher durable parts: 1, its alloyed hammer. The hammer is perfectly designed and applied hard alloyed materials to cast the main parts. When the crusher is working, it will gain very large inertia to beat the stone into small ones, and throw them to the impact plate for the second crushing and bettering. Its weight and size can gain very high ratio of crushing and low attrition. So it can crush the limestone as the first process and needn¡¯t the Jaw crusher. 2, its impact plate. We add a plate in the back of the crushing antrum. So it can process the suitable materials just by on crusher. It needn¡¯t the help of impact crusher. 3, its bearing. We applied the fine-steel bearing, and through the hot-oil processing, it is more durable than common bearing. Its super capacity results in its large size mouth. It can crush the stone less than 1100mm for the biggest one. Hammer crusher advantages, 1, it can crush the stone independently, and it needn¡¯t the second crusher to better the materials, so it can reduce the user¡¯s cost by 35%. Low power, low investment. 2, it can crush the wet stone, that is to say, you can wet the stone when crushing it to reduce the dust pollution, and keep the workers health and the good environment. 3, it has durable hammer, especially the PCZ series heavy hammer crusher, it is more durable than the jaw crusher and impact crusher combination and the standard hammer crusher. It use the alloy hammer, and cast steel parts to guarantee the function and its life. 4, we have many types, the capacity ranges from50t/h to 500t/h., to meet the various requirements.

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