barium bromide

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Dec,31, 2023

barium bromide intro: molecular formula£ºBaBr2 molecular weight£º296.69 CAS NO: 10553-31-8 Usage£ºUses in the chemical intermediate and the spice, the cosmetics chemical additive. main content 99%min PH 4-7 moisture content 0.5%max chloride 0.2%max sulphate 0.05%max waer insolubles 0.05%max Properties£ºthis product is Colorless monocline crystallization. Density 3.58g/cm3. Melting point 880¡æ.It is easy to dissolve in the water, the methyl alcohol. It can dissolve in the ethyl alcohol. hardly dissolves in the acetone, the ethyl acetate, two wicked alkane. Heating to 75¡æ when loses 1 crystal water, when 120¡æ loses 2 crystal water. Virulent! Joins slowly from the hydrobromic acid under the agitation to the hydroxide of barium saturated solution to the pH value 8~9, keeps warm 8h, after the settlement, the filtration, the concentration, cooling crystallizes, the liquid-solid separation, the dry system. Packing: Fibre pail or polypropylene bag with plastic bag in

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