Polyester Use Block Silicone Oil EM-6130

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Dec,31, 2024

Property: Appearance: yellow transparent liquid Ion: non-ionic Content: 100% Application: Its main apply for soft finishing polyester,nylon,T/C,coral,velveteen,etc chemical fibre and pigment printing products, gives fabrics good soft,fluffy and smooth property.Use alone or mix with other softener. Character: 1. It is a self emulsify silicone softener,will not occur floating oil,silicone spot and non sticking while process. 2. It can resist acid and alkali,high temperature, high shear,suit for dye vat. 3. Low yellowing,suit for finishing light color fabrics. 4. Give finished fabrics fluffy,soft,smooth,plump,nature effects. 5. Not influence color fastness,difficult to cause fade while soft finishing. 6. Good hydrophilicity,easy stripping color and redye. Dissolve methods: EM-6100 is high concentration original oil,use the common agitated kettle dissolve easy in warm water at 40¡æ-50¡æ.add the quantitive warm water into agitated kettle,and add EM-6100,stir at 100 RPM,This product needn't add emulsifier.

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