multi Busbar bending machine can MPCB-301

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Dec,31, 2021

multi Busbar bending machine can MPCB-301 Detailed Description DESCRIPTIONS: 1.function: cutting, punching, horizontal bending, erect bending, conduit bending 2. workbench size: 800mmx 600mm x 770mm (LXWXH) 3. required input power: single phase 220V, 50HZ 4. control voltage: 12V 5. reted working oil pressure: 700kgf/cm2 6. cutting capacity: Cu/A1120mmx12mm 7. punching output: 27tons, 30tons. 8. distance from hole to busbar edge: 65mm, 70mm 9. cutting capacity-copper: dia.14mm-21mm, thickness 10mm dia. 8mm-11mm, thickness 10mm dia. less than 8mm, thickness 8mm.

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