PQ-400 Double Spring Nozzle Tester

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Dec,31, 2023

Functions: Test and calibrate normal injector and diesel double springs injectors. 1. Equipment with a manometric gauge for internal pressure regulation 2. Digital display permits to calibrate the injector opening pressure 3. One shot and continuous spraying test Opeartion: Main Button: A: Internal pressure meter B: Air supply meter C: Air supply throttle If the throttle whirls in clockwise, quantity of air input will be less, and oil input is less as well. Inverse, the input oil will increase. D: Governor valve If the governor valve circumgyrate to the bottom, rate of oil pressure and air pressure is 100:1. For example, when air pressure 7kg, the oil pressure will be 700kg. E: Air switch valve The air valve is opened by pulling, and closed by pushing.

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