Potassium cinnamate

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1. it is the potassium salt of cinnamic acid which is extracted from cinnamon extract, which can keep phenylalanine and tyrosine away from microbe and finally kill the contamination cell. 2. Potassium cinnamate has the function of anti-tumor, which has antimutagenic activity in vitro and can control various kind of tumor induced by carcinogenic agent of rodent. 3. Can lower level of blood fats as well as reduce blood sugar, it has a certain effect in preventing diabetes and it's complicating disease 4, added directly or complex manufacturing of local anesthetics, fungicides, hemostatic, and has anti-fatigue effect. 5, is a spice, has a good role in preserving Hong, usually with incense as a raw material, the main spice aroma can be more volatile fragrance. .

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