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Dec,31, 2023

1. Application in medicine: Cinnamonitrile is one of the important pharmaceutical raw materials, commonly used in external use, synthetic drugs .It is also the activity of antifungal substance, used for antiseptic and disinfection, In particular, have significant effects on fungi. Cinnamaldehyde can reduce the activity of trypsin, have significant effect in carminative. Can be used for drugs in blood glucose control, Prevent diabetes. Cinnamonitrile also has effect in antiviral, anticancer, antihypertensive and dilation of blood vessels. It have effect on softening and emilating scars and fibroma, Also used for external use in bone-active oil. Mainly from the active muscles, loose congestion, has sedative, analgesic, antipyretic, anticonvulsant, regulating the role of the central nervous system, can also increase the number of white blood cell and platelet 2. In the application of flavors and fragrances: Cinnamonitrile is an important one, commonly used in soap flavor, modulation gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley, roses and other flavors. Cinnamonitrile as hydroxyl acid Hanxiang compounds, have a good hold incense role in the transfer of Hong Hong in the use of raw materials for distribution, so that even the main spice aroma fragrance. Because of their similar boiling points than the other organic molecular structure high, so often used as a fixative agent. Commonly used in soap flavor, modulation gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley, roses and other flavors, spices can be used in food flavors and fruit cakes and other food flavoring agent.

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