Triglyceryl Monooleate 33940-98-6

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Polyglycerol oleate introduction Polyglycerol oleate is pale yellow to faint yellow clear oily fluid, inclusion ¨C free, no odour, no smell.Polyglycerol oleate series are easily soluble in ethyl ether, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, little soluble in ethanol, hardly soluble in water. 1, Used as lubricant, emulsifier, antifoaming agents, antigraining agent. 2, Used as emulsifier , emulsification stabilizer and wetting agent in food and cosmetics industry, also could be used in printing and dyeing industry. 3, Used as lubricant and smoothness agent in textile metal process. Product Name:Triglyceryl monooleate CAS No: 33940-98-6 Item Specification Result Appearance Faint yellow to pale yellow clear oily liquid Qualified Effective Content ¡Ý95.0 97.2 Acid Value£¨mgKOH/g£© ¡Ü 2.0 0.9 Saponification Value£¨mgKOH/g£© 110-130 126 Heavy Metal £¨Pb£©% ¡Ü 0.005 --- Arsenic £¨As£©% ¡Ü 0.002 --- Iodine Value:£¨g I2/100g£© ¡Ý 45 65 Freezing Point£¨¡æ£© ¡Ü 8 --- HLB £¨Calculated Value£© Approx 8.5 ---

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