TC-60 ceramic vacuum filter

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Working principle: Slime absorbing Zone: Filter plate immersed in the slurry while in operation produces a surface absorption of filter cake, with the action of capillarity and integrated with vacuum pressure. Filtrate enters distributing valve and drainage tank through filter plate. Spraying Zone: Filter cake comes our from slurry hopper receiving spray washing. Drying Zone: Continues dehydration for filter cake is conducted with the action of high vacuum force. Discharging Zone: Scraper will discharge materials automatically once entering the vacuum-free situation. Back Flushing: Service water or filtrate enters the ceramic plate through distribution valve and cleaning the blocked micromoles entoectad. Cleaning with ultrasonic and low density acid after ceramic plate is used for one period to maintain the efficient service life of ceramic plate. Main Feathers: Energy efficient: large capacity, energy saving effect is obvious; Control: high performance series models use process control, automatic feed, automatic cleaning, reducing labor power; Perfect automatic protection features: automatic alarm system has a fault, failure of the screen display; The machine adopts computer optimization design, reasonable structure, reliable, maintenance free design with the main transmission components, reducing downtime rate, tank mixing system uses stainless steel body structure to ensure its service life up to 10 years. Improve product quality, reduce transport cost Environmental effect: as the filtrate is clear and can be repeatedly use to reduce emissions in line with the current trend of environmental production.

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