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In 25kgs fiber drum double polyethylene bags insid
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Dec,31, 2021

Colorless or white glossy tabular crystal or white crystalline powder, slight special odor. Little bitter taste. Melting point: 280-281¡æ(decompound). Unstable to strong acid, can cause the demethylation. Soluble in water( 5.6g/100ml,30¡æ), warm diluted ethanol, alkali solution and diluted inorganic acid. Hard to dissolve in ethanol, almost does not dissolve in ether. Use£ºL-Methionine is one of the eight kinds of amino acids that is essential for the human body but cannot synthesize by itself. It is widely used in the medicine amino acid big injection, oral liquid, drink, food, biochemical reagent and the daily life and so on domains.

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