RD560 bga Rework Station

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Dec,31, 2023

1. The machine vision system with CCD on the BGAs solder ball back in the melting process of observation. 2. Intelligent heating wire, the fan does not turn, the hot wire is not powered. 3. Com interfaces, and computer connections, repair machines to achieve high-end features. 4. Rich software features: simple and friendly interface, set, modify, save the parameters, parameter sets no limit on the number; temperature curve test, analyze, print, save; automatic Track heating process,heating process curve of automatic drawing;temperature tuning,temperature error conrrection;password locking mechanism,permitting mechanism. 5. Three independent heating zones, suitable for lead-free process. 6. The first heating zone, the second heating zone heater materials with good heat, resulting in high wind, the third heating zone with warm far-infrared heat panels, adjustable support, to prevent the deformation of PCB board. 7. Six section temperature zones control,complete simulation of the effect of reflow soldering machine. 8. The first heating zone around the heater can be up and down adjustment, easy to operate. 9. In the heat flow after the constant use of a large cooling fan on the PCB board, PCB board to prevent deformation of the welding effect. 10. BGA removal, welding after the voice prompts. 11. Electric vacuum sucked document BGA, convenient, reliable and durable. 12. Tooling plate with a special card, for a variety of notebook motherboard. 13. With a variety of sizes of hot air nozzle, or customized according to special requirements. 14. With PLC, human machine interface control.

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