Single Screw Gravimetric Feeder

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Dec,31, 2021

When the bulk density of the fed material is not consistent, or when the precise feeding accuracy is critical to the end product quality, the loss-in-weight feeder needs to be used. The loss-in-weight feeder can be used in batch or continuous situations. Frequently it is applied in continuous processing, such as extrusion. During extrusion process, multiple ingredients¡¯ ratio needs to be controlled precisely. Charatersitics Our loss-in-weight feeder can provide high precise, reliable and consistent feeding performance. Single screw loss-in-weight feeder Is the best choice for free flowing materials, while twin screw loss-in-weight feeder provides the best solution for difficult-handled materials. The loss-in-weight feeders are available with a full range of models and different sizes of hopper. It can satisfy the feed range of 4-8000L/hr. Load Cell and Gravimetric Control System High precise technology is adopted in gravimetric feeder. Our weighing module provides slipt second and milligram range performance. It is designed to be used in harsh industrial environment. Equipped with the first class soft ware, our loss-in-weight feeder can provides consistent, precise, reliable and repeatable results. The gravimetric controller and operation interface allows for individual unit and recipe control. Each feeder has its own control board. The control board and the operation interface is connected by industrial protocol. The online controller can combine the motor driver with the feeder controller together. HMI provides extreme flexibility for recipe storage and memory. Up to 8 feeders can be working together simutaneously and be connected to DSC system of the main processing machine. Single Screw Loss-in-weight Feeder Our single screw loss-in-weight feeder can provides high precise,high valued feeding for pellet, granule, free flowing powder and other bulk materials. The feed rate is 4-800L/hr. The accuracy can reach ¡À0.2%. According to the characteristics of different fed materials, the single screw loss-in-weight is available with a wide range of interchangeable screws. The feeder is mounted on a stainless steel scale. A high speed and high precise load cell is used in the scale. The scale housing is enclosed totally. All the parts which contact fed materials are made of stainless steel. The feeder is easily disassembled for cleaning and changing parts. The hopper can be made symmetrical or asymmetric shape for your choice.

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