Raisins, Raisin paste

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Raisins must be the most sold dried fruit on shelves on retail stores and most used fruit ingredient of bakery. They are the most popular fruit of Fruit cakes, Fruit bread, Breakfeast cereals, Muesli, Fruit bars, Fruit logs, Chocolate coated fruits. Raisin paste makes up 30-40% of meat sauces and is fastly getting into ice cream industry. Due its moisturizing effect, raisin paste extends the shelf life of bakery products it is used in, adds a fruity flavour and a gradient brownish colour. Raisins and Raisin paste are most nutritive (this is the fruit with highest iron content of all food items), fat content is zero. As fruit sugar in them are of the smallest molecules, they need no fermentation in digestive system so are an immediate source of energy.

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