Smart cell phone jammerP-4421G8

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Dec,31, 2023

Feature: * Smart celluar phone jammer with external debugger, convenient to set and operate with jammer. * Debugger can adjust power level and output power of any channel. * Any channel can be closed freely * Smart Alert * Single module for each channel, easy for upgradation to future new communication system by adding module of new communication channel. * Working status of each channel can be displayed by LED * Tracking and collecting working temperature for single channel and displaying temperature. * Setting upper and lower temperature limits, alerting automatically out of range. * Frequency more stably and small frequency drift. * Working alternately at regular time for double groups of channels, prolong product¡¯s working life greatly. * When failure on any channel, startup for standby channel and alarm reminding, ensuring the whole system¡¯s security and reliability. Specification Output Frequency Average Output Power Channel Output Power CDMA 870-880MHZ 38dBm(5W) 7dBm/30KHZ GSM 930-960NHZ 38dBm(5W) 5dBm/30KHZ DCS 1805-1850MHZ 33dBm(2W) 1dBm/30KHZ 3G 2110-2170MHZ 33dBm(2W) 1dBm/30KHZ Power supply: AC/DC 12V-24V or DC5V(optional) Total output: 13W Jamming Range: 10-50M depending on the actual signal field strength Application: Bank, church, cinema, library, Meeting room, Conference Room, Oil and gas station, Prison and Jail, Court, Class room, Testing facilities, police and military purpose, Secret and Security service.

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