Aluminium potassium sulfate

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Dec,31, 2024

1. CAS No.: 7784-24-9 2. [English name] potash alum( Aluminum potassium sulfate ) 3. [Molecular formula] ALK(SO4)2.12H2O or ALK2(SO4)3K2SO4.24H2O Property: Colorless, transparent, particle or crystalline powder, odorless, nontoxic, tastes slightly sweet and puckery, astringent, easily soluble in water, its water solution appears acid, lose crystal water and become white powder on heating. 4. Useage 1)In the field of light and Chemical Industries: Purification of water, paper making and glue spreading, painting, printing and dyeing, color lake and pigment, medicine producing, varinish and leather producing, fiber board processing fixation and membrane solidified for film, and applied in rubber, metallurgical and colored glass etc. Industries. 2)In the field of food stuff industry: Fermentation of foodstuff, vermicelli or noodles processing, salted aquatic, foodstuff antisepsis and additives etc. 3)In the field of Agricultural Applications: Seed sterilization and soak, to cure the sickness for drought animals, root solidation, germination, stem strengthen fruit plumpness and potash fertilizer spreading for some soil.

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