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Dec,31, 2021

offers a wide range of high-performance Stepper Motors for Space Mechanism used in satellites, spacecrafts, and launch vehicles. Many of the space approved stepper motors come with more than 20 years of heritage. Typical applications are in deployment, orientation, accurate pointing or positioning mechanisms of solar panels, antennas, optical devices, etc.• Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors • Hybrid Synchronous Stepper Motors • Variable Reluctance (VR) Stepper Motors • 2, 3, and 4 phase • Geared stepper motors with Planetary Gear Heads or Harmonic Drives • Low backlash gear heads • Feedback devices (resolver, encoder, potentiometer) • Redundant Motor Winding • Tandem designs • Typical operating temperatures up to -55 to 80 °C • Custom Designs • Solar Array/Panel Deployment • Antenna Pointing Mechanisms • Instrument Positioning • Hold-Down & Release Mechanisms • Space Mechanism

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Founded in 1849, commun is a global provider of manufacturing and engineering services, developing innovative electronic, engineered and structural solutions for complex applications in aerospace, defense and industrial markets.