Blue Nano WO3 as Heat Insulation Media for Window Solar Film

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Production: WOP-P100 ¡¾Introduction¡¿ WOP-P100 is a blue powder which is made from highly purified WO3. Pure WO3 is sintered at a high temperature, doped with metal oxide and then extracted by flow dispersion to get the product. The physical and chemical properties of as prepared blue WO3 are different from yellow or green WO3. Blue WO3 shows excellent optical characteristics, such as high VLT value, good NIR cutoff and excellent ability to absorb UV rays. It has high heat insulation ratio in NIR zone, especially when IR wavelength is in the scope of 800nm to 1000nm and it also possesses high UV absorption ability when light wavelength is less than 380nm. And its optical properties are similar with GTO throughout the total wavelength band. ¡¾Characteristics¡¿ Physical and Chemical Properties Item Data & Results Appearance Blue powder Particle size 40nm Specific surface area (BET) 30-50m2/g Purity No less than 99.9% SG 1.62g/m2 Ingredient WO3 ¡¾Application Field¡¿ Heat insulation media for solar film Transparent heat insulation coating Heat insulation window Transparent anti-UV coating Warmth retention fiber Heat absorption material ¡¾Instruction¡¿ The product can be applied directly or converted into nano solution such as coating or adhesive. ¡¾Storage¡¿ The product must be kept in a cool place. A ten years¡¯ guarantee period is promised. ¡¾Packing¡¿ 1/2/25kg

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Company Introduction Shanghai Huzheng Nano technology Co., Ltd. is located in Pudong new district of Shanghai, a global technology and fiance center in china. It is a national high-tech enterprise, which has an excellent management and R&D team. Our company is devoted to the industralization and pratical application of nano technology and sciences. We advocate prospective business philosophy and pay attention to the research of humanitarian respect and health care. Our products are mainly used in many industrial fields, such as environmental protection, energy saving, heat insulation media for window film or glass, antibacterial or mould-proof finishing agents, self-cleaning coating, anticorrosion functional coating and additives, textile functional agents, indoor enviromental control products, heat insulation film or glass window for energy saving engineering, etc. Huzheng Nano possesses 37 invention patents and more than 200 kinds of product and it has passed ISO9001 and 14001 certification which will ensure our products a high quality control system. We will sincerely and honestly cooperate with domestic and international parterners to develop a much more huge market.