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Dec,31, 2021

Glucoamylase One.Product presentation Glucoamylase is extracted from the fermented deeply excellent Aspergillus niger.It can start from the non-reducing end of starch molecule to decompose Alpha-1,4 glucose glycosidic linkage to transfer to gulcose.It can be used expansively in beer brewing,alcohol,monosodium glutamate,starch sugar,antibiotics,etc. Two.Define of enzyme activity Amount of Glucamylase it need that hydrolyzing dissolved starch in one hour can produce one milligram glucose on condition that one gram or one ml enzyme is kept in 40 centi grade and PH4.6 can be defined as a enzyme activity unit(u/g,u/ml). Three.Product specification and package Solid:50000 u/g 100000 u/g Liquid:100000 u/ml Four.Using condition 1.Temperature: range:40¡ª65 centi degree,the best temperature:58¡ª60 centi degree. 2.PH: valid range:3.0¡ª5.5,the best PH:4.0¡ª4.5. Five.Using methods 1. Beer brewing This product can be added before fermentation and saccharification start,which can improve fermentation.Recommended using amount:100-300 u per gram material. 2. Starch sugar business After this material is liquefied,PH is adjusted to 4.2-4.5,and temperature is reduced to 60 centi grade,and then glucamylase is added to start to sacharification.Recommended amount: 100-300 u per gram material. 3. Alcohol business When the material is boiled and temperature is reduced to 60 centi grade,you can add glucamylase.Recommended amount:120¡ª200 unit per gram material.Temperature is kept about 30-60 mins,and after temperature of material get cold,you can ferment it. 4. Monosodium,Antibiotics business After starch is liquefied and temperature is reduced to 60 centi grade,you can change PH to 4.5,and then add gulcoamylase.Recommended amount:100¡ª300 unit per gram material. Six.Package and storage 25 kilogram per barrel. This product must be put on cool and dry place and avoided sunshining.It can be kept well six months under low temperature conditions.

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