Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser System

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Dec,31, 2024

Therapy Principle Use the selective absorption characteristics and the high peak value bursting effects of the laser beam to reach the therapeutic purpose.This therapy instrument uses the most advanced Q-switch technology which makes the laser energy released at a very short time, then forms a high peak power giant pulse. The pigment granules will rapidly expansion and breakdown after absorbed such huge laser energy in short time, and the cell framework will be fully preserved and repaired quickly, This could treat the pigment tissue and almost has no destructive to the normal tissues Product Characteristics 1. With dual-wavelength, terminal output power is tested by the SFDA testing center, the test result is 1064nm, 1000mJ;532nm, 500mJ. New international 7 articulated light conducting arm, only available on this system within china territory. 2. International purchasing components (Q switch and Polarizer is supplied by the international famous company)with good performance, the laser cavity mode selecting technique which makes the output laser beam has good light spot mode, light spot light intensity uniformly distributed and no hot light spot. 3. High purity green light with good therapy results. 4. Equipped with 7-joints light conducting arm, with energy and density automatically adjust rod. Easy to operate. 5. Encapsulated mechanical parts, with moistureproof, dust proof and deformation proof functions. Thus make sure the laser¡¯s life span longer, with less maintenance cost and better performance 6.Intelligent Cooling System , Excellent water cooling with intelligent alert system, more safety and longtime reliable working 7.8.0" TFT color touch screen and arm with diode laser beam guide, easy for operation 8. CE approval Therapy Scope 1. The laser wavelength of 1064nm applied to black pigment and blue pigment lesions located on the dermis, such as black tattoo, blue tattoo and tattoo eye line, and so on. Long pulse in non Q switched mode-to improve chloasma, large pores visible, remove fine wrinkles, smooth white skin and enhance skin elasticity. 2. The laser length of 532 nm applied to the red, yellow and brown pigment lesions and other colors pigment lesions located on the skin surface and small area lesions therapy, such as pigmentation on the skin surface, freckles removal

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