Inflatable paintball bunkers/inflatable paintball wall/inflatable paintball arena

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Some of the most common variations of inflatable paintball bunkers include: 1) Can - This is a large cylindrical bunker that stands in a vertical position. Most are human sized or larger. 2) Rollie - This paintball bunker is similar to a can, only that it is placed horizontally. 3) Dorito - This bunker, named after Doritos chips, is a three side pyramid-like bunker and is placed vertically. 4) Temple - This bunker is similar to a Dorito. It is four sided with its top cut off. 5) X-bunker - As its name implies, this paintball bunker is shaped like an X. This is used solely for a type of paintball game called X-ball. 6) Brick - This bunker is shaped like a low rectangular wall. 7) Dollhouse -This paintball bunker has three faces and two bases. It is longer than it is tall. 8) Carwash - This bunker is shaped like an arch. It is longer than it is wide. 9) Snake-A snake bunker is a long, low structure, typically less than a meter high. It is usually placed on one or both sides of a field. A snake bunker allows players to crouch down and move a considerable distance from their starting point while still being protected from incoming fire from most field locations. The above is the basic paintball bunkers. To offer a real like environment, we designed series of simulated theme of real wall.

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