Manual mold design silicone rubber

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HY528 silicone rubber
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3 days
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25kgs/drum vacuum package or 200kgs/drum
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Dec,31, 2023

Manual mold design silicone rubber operations Firstly process and prepare the model mold or the product to be duplicated, take certain amount of the silicon rubber, add 2-3% solid curing agent, and mix evenly and they are ready for use. One pair of mold can be solidified and formed in 2-3 hours. (Note: our company does not recommend you to add silicon oil. If a special soft silicon mold or fine detailed and complex patterns products are required, 5%-10% silicon oil can be added to soften the mold for easy demold.) Frequently asked questions for Silicon rubber for manual mold What should we do when the air bubbles appeared in the process of mold making ? To handle this situation depends on different cases. Under the condition of an available vacuum pumping machine, mix the silicon rubber and curing agent evenly and then take it to vacuum chamber to deair. If without a vacuum pumping machine, reduce the amount of the curing agent properly. For example, change the mixing ratio of the silicon rubber and the curing agent from former 4% to 1%-2%. In this way, the pre-crosslinking time of silicon rubber will slow down, so the air in the mold will be eliminated gradually to reduce the air bubbles.

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