ladle Refining Furnace secondary refining furnace

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Dec,31, 2023

Ladle refining furnace, Ladle furnace, LF, LRF, refining furnace (A). Main application: ladle furnace is used for primary melting furnace(electric arc furnace, open-hearth furnace, converter)to refining molten steel, which is an important metallurgical equipment to the continuous casting, rolling. (B). Features: This equipment has the features such as atmospheric pressure arc heating, vacuum degassing, argon stirring, blowing oxygen feed wire, pressure or vacuum feeding, temperature measurement, sampling, TV camera and frequency observation functions. (C). Equipment Constitution: 1. Ladle and ladle car; 2. Heating device (electrode control modes: manual control or automatic control using energy-saving bus bar and conduction arm). 3. Vacuum and detection system. 4. Hydraulic and control valve system. 5. Argon , oxygen, compressed air and water cooling systems. 6. Electrical control system (with PLC control and CRT image Impersonation shown). 7. High Voltage Electric Systems. 8. Large current line.

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Xi¡¯an Abundance Electric Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xi¡¯an, which is the research base of electric furnace industry and the national supervision and inspection center of electric furnaces in China. With the development of 15 years, it has become a leading manufacturer in China¡¯s electric furnace industry, and it is advanced in R&D, manufacture, installation, debugging and technical services. There are our agents and after-sale services in South Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, Mexico and Ukraine. Hundreds of sets of our electric furnaces are working safely now all over the world. 90% of our products are exported to more than 50 regions and countries worldwide, and our achievements in furnace exportation ranked in the forefront for three consecutive years among furnace industry.