hydraulic cable cutter CPC-50FR wire cutter

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Dec,31, 2021

hydraulic cable cutter CPC-50FR Hand operated hydraulic tool specifically designed to cut copper, aluminium and tele cables having a macx overall diameter of 40mm. The tool featureds a doble speed action:a fast advanceing speed for rapid approach of the baldes to the cabel and aslower more powerful speed for cutting. The baldes are manufactured from high strength special steel heat treated to ensure a long service life. The head can be easily opened to allow the outing of running cables. Descript: cutting force:8T cutting range:steel wire ¦µ30mm Tel cable or AL/CU cable ¦µ50mm ACSR:¦µ36mm Length:660mm Weith:6.0kg package:plastic case size:755¡Á130¡Á230mm

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Hydraulic Tools Wholesale Center design and processing and sales tool for businesses. The main products are: all kinds of copper and aluminum terminal crimping tools, high pressure hydraulic pump, hydraulic hole device, punching machines, bending row machine, cutting machine rows, cable cutter, hydraulic jack and a series of tools.