Sell CASO4 Whisker in applications of Brake pads, shoes and Clutching Face industry.

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Craft paper bag+ inner water-proof film, 12.5kg/ba
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Dec,31, 2020

It has a white bulky needle-like substance with complete structure, regular contour, specific cross profile and stable dimension. Compared with other inorganic whiskers, calcium sulfate whisker is a green environmental protection material with the micro toxicity. The price is modest in any other whiskers. Therefore, it is very competitive value in industry of Friction Pads, Friction Blocks, Clutching Face. Specification data: Needle Shape Fiber (Micro Mineral Fiber) Whiteness: > 90% Absolute density: 2.69 g/cm3 Content: CaSO4 Length: 10 ¨C 300 ¦Ìm Diameter: 1 ¨C 4 ¦Ìm L/D Ratio: 40-80 (90%) Moisture Content: ¡Ü 1.5% PH: 7 +/- 0.5 Mohs¡¯ Hardness: 3 Packing: Craft paper bag+ inner water-proof film, 12.5kg/bag or 25kg/bag 40 bags on each pallet.

Company Profile

Shanghai Covio Industry Limited (Brand Name: NP WHISKER) is the leading producer of Inorganic whisker products. Based on massive research and development resources of our subsidiary company, Lucheng Jinsheng Mineral Fiber Technology Co.Ltd., we develop multifarious customers-engineered solutions for all kinds of global industries and applications such as friction materials, plastics, coatings, paints and other building materials. Our plant completion was in 2004.The same year, we set up a plant which had 500 tons CaSO4 Whisker integration with testing and R& D. In the expanding production year of 2006-2007, Second Project capability had been reached 5,000 tons yearly. In coming future, we created location of storing warehouse and distributing center across the East, North, middle of China. On related inorganic whisker technology, we process independent manufacture and technology intellectual property. Moreover, we have persistently R&D competence to develop new whiskers. Brand Name “NP WHISKER” has won higher reputation in mineral fiber field. Other Whiskers: Magnesium Salt whisker, Aluminum Borate Whisker, Calcium Carbonate Whisker, and full range of inorganic whiskers. We, takes Technology Innovation, Green Environment Conservation as our principles, people foremost as our motto. Relying on advanced technology, on the guide of market, we,(NP WHISKER)consistently strive up to increase and promote inorganic whisker high-tech industrialization.