CRLX Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

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General Description CRLX, CRLB, CRLT, CRLK Series vertical mixed flow pumps are widely used in handling circulating water in large scale power stations and nuclear power stations, metallurgy, water supply & drainage of municipal facilities and farmlands as well as mining drainage. They are provided for delivering clear water , rainwater, sewage and seawater below 55¡æ. Performance range Capacity Q: 0.20~25m3/h Head H: 3~60m The pump of the above-mentioned range can be tested in our test center which is the largest in China. Instruction of pump type For example£º80CRLK-20A / 80CRLB-20A / 80CRLX-20 80: Pump outlet diameter (inch) CR: Company code, means produced by CREDO PUMP L: Vertical mixed flow pump T: Vertical mixed flow pump (impeller blades adjustable in operation) K: Rotor can be pulled out B: Rotor can not be pulled out X: Outlet is under pump foundation S: Outlet is above pump foundation 20: Rate head A: Impeller after cutting. Structure *The pump is vertically installed with the inlet vertical downward and the outlet horizontal extending. *The rotor parts have pull-out mode and non-pull-out mode. The impeller blades of type T pump can be adjustable in operation. *The pump installation has two choices. One is single foundation: the pump and the motor are connected directly and mounted on one concrete foundation; the other is double foundation: the pump and the motor are mounted on separate concrete foundation. *The seal usually uses packing seal. *The intake sump of the pump can be wet pit or dry pit. *The axial thrust of the pump is usually carried by the motor, but small pumps usually carried by the pump itself. *The impeller of the pump is usually one stage and it can be designed to be multistage as requirements. *The bearings of the pump can be rubber bearings or Thordon bearings, when the rubber bearings are used, the shaft protected by a set of shaft sleeves with pressure clear water for lubrication. Material of main parts Shaft: High-quality carbon steel. Impeller: Cast iron / Cast steel / Stainless steel. Other parts: Cast iron / welded steel plate. Parts range Pump, Motor, Foundation plate and Mounting resistant cushion. Remind: Please indicate the material of main parts in your inquiry or purchase contract. Any special requirement, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact us.

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