CB-200A Brass Bender,Cutters for plastic pipes

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Dec,31, 2023

CB-200A Brass Bender Product name £ºBrass Bender Product£ºBrass Bender Tools Model£ºCB-150D Descript£º ¡ò It is suitable for auto-control distributor project for on-off case and Distrebutor , it is easy for carry£» ¡ò CWC-200V is an ique product for its flat brass cutter of bent alu cutter with 90degree will not hurt the brass Material £» ¡ò CB-150D can be opened up, when bending ling brass wheet ¡±n¡± shape ofr¡± 1¡±£» ¡òThere is an indication of 90 0 degree and 45 0 degree £» ¡ò Shape can pull the lock out ,so you can take the whole one freely £» ¡ò It is used with CP-700 ¡¢ CP-700-2A ¡¢ DYB-63A ¡¢ CTE-25AS £» Model Output Breadth Thickness Weight CB-200A 15 ton 200mm 12mm 18kg

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Jima Hydraulic Tools Wholesale Center Hydraulic Tools Wholesale Center design and processing and sales tool for businesses. The main products are: all kinds of copper and aluminum terminal crimping tools, high pressure hydraulic pump, hydraulic hole device, punching machines, bending row machine, cutting machine rows, cable cutter, hydraulic jack