AGFA Anapurna M1600 Wide Productive UV-Curable Inkjet Printer

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Dec,31, 2020

Price : USD 13400 For more information please visit our official website : For the payment method we use Paypal and bank wire transfer AGFA ANAPURNA M1600 WIDE PRODUCTIVE UV-CURABLE INKJET PRINTER Anapurna M1600 is a high-speed UV curable inkjet system suitable for 156 cm wide prints for graphic screen printers and sign shops. Its white ink function creates new possibilities and opportunities. Top class productivity is ensured with print output at 46 m²/hr. For more exciting prints. There is no mounting, no waiting, and no remakes. This printer uses :Anapurna UV inks for faster drying, material versatility and a wider colour gamut. And it also prints cleaner than similar technologies. :Anapurna M1600 will make your wide format print-work more exciting. Your inkjet prints will grab your audience's attention with that extra touch of white. Speed is key. Measured at optimum print shuttle speed, the system is capable of producing output in 4-colours and white at 46 m²/h. At that speed you will be able to maintain a high print production on all your substrates, satisfying your most demanding customers. Enhanced productivity will also enable you to handle more jobs making it possible to expand your customer database. The :Anapurna M1600 has the possibility to run pre- or post-white in one production run, expanding the application possibilities a great deal. White is beautiful. White ink is ideal to print on coloured or dark substrates. The white ink function creates new possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit or backlit/frontlit applications. It can even be used as a spot colour to bring in to focus certain parts of an image. You might even consider printing images on dark substrates using white ink only. Stand out and let :Anapurna M1600 differentiate your decoration and communication jobs. :Anapurna M1600 white is reliable. :Anapurna M1600 has a fully separated white ink management system on board. The M1600 has a separate circulation system, a separate under-pressure-regulation ánd a separate cleaning circuit. The white ink tank is equipped with a stirring mechanism to keep the ink properly mixed at all times.

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